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8 Days Dahabiya Nile River Cruise From Luxor

8 days

Tour Overview

Embark on an unforgettable 8 Days Dahabiya Nile River Cruise From Luxor. Explore the historical treasures of Upper Egypt. Sail along the majestic Nile River and visit famous sites such as the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Philae Temple, Edfu, the Temples of Kom Ombo and the Great Temple of Abu Simbel. Experience elegance and comfort, discover the enchanting ruins of the Pharaohs, and create timeless memories on this beautiful journey of a lifetime. Book now for an epic adventure through the ancient wonders of the world.


Includes & Excludes:

    • Pick up from Luxor and drop off in Luxor.
    • Accommodation on 5* Nile Dahabiya for 7 nights.
    • Entrance fees to all sites in the itinerary.
    • Egyptologist tour guide during your tours.
    • Transfers by modern air-conditioned vehicles.
    • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
    • All services, charges, and taxes.
  • Any Optional tours.
  • Any Extra meals and beverages.
  • All personal expenses.
  • Tipping.

Tour Itinerary

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Day 1: Luxor East Bank Tour - Dahabiya Check-in

Morning time, you will meet your tour guide, who will join you to start the 7-night Dahabiya Nile cruise from Luxor to visit the historical attractions on the East Bank of Luxor, such as:

Karnak Temple:

The spiritual Karnak temple has known to be many names across its 2000 years old history; it was called Ipet-isu or "The most select of places" in the middle kingdom, also known as Pr-Imn or "House of Amon," plus it is known as the biggest and most ancient religious center on earth since its construction between 2000 BC and 30 BC on 247 acres of sacred land to honor the Theban triad that consisted of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. The temple complex is a golden archaeological piece of ancient art found across the magical Avenue of Sphinxes that connects it to the beautiful Luxor Temple, the Precinct of Amun-Re, and the great hypostyle hall, plus many more.

Luxor Temple:

The blessed Southern Sanctuary of the ancient Egyptian royalty, "Luxor Temple," is the birthplace of kingship. It was constructed in 1400 BC to honor the Theban triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. It holds the Opet festival, which celebrates the rejuvenation of kingship and reconciles the human aspect of the kings with the divine office.

Then you will be transferred from Luxor to Esna to embark on your Dahabiya boat, where you will enjoy the dinner meal on the ship. Overnight in Esna on board your Nile boat.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Lunch - Dinner

Day 2: Open Day on Dahabiya - Sailing to Edfu

On the second day of your 8-day Dahabiya Nile River cruise from Luxor will be free to enjoy the Dahabiya while sailing to Edfu.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 3: Edfu Temple Tour - Sail to Aswan

In the morning, you will have breakfast and be accompanied by your personal Egyptologist in a horse carriage to visit:

Edfu temple:

Edfu Temple is a divine storybook preserving the mythical battle tale of Horus getting revenge on his evil uncle Set. It was constructed between 237 BC and 57 BC on the west bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt, just 60 km north of Aswan, and is famous for being one of Egypt's most preserved archaeological wonders.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 4: Tour to Abu Simbel Temple

Early in the morning, get your breakfast boxes, then join your private tour guide to enjoy a private guided tour of Abu Simbel temples:

Abu Simbel Temples:

The blessed Temples of Abu Simbel are a glorious symbol of grandeur and grace. It was built by Pharaoh Ramses the Great in 1200 B.C. to honor Amun, Ra, and Ptah and to showcase his power in battle, especially in the battle of Kadesh. The great temple of King Ramses II acted as a center for the excellent sun festival on the 22nd of October and February of each year. The second temple is dedicated to his beautiful wife, Queen Nefertari.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 5: Aswan Tour

Enjoy your breakfast, then move to complete your 7-night Dahabiya Nile cruise from Luxor with a tour to Aswan Highlights, where you will visit:

Aswan High Dam:

The incredible Aswan High Dam is a highly advanced technological wonder made in the 60s to put all the annual flood waters in the artificial lake of Nasser while producing electricity.

The Unfinished Obelisk:

The greatest wonder that never came to be is the golden Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut (1508-1458 BC), that has 42 m in height while sleeping in the bedrock. It was broken before standing at Karnak Temple, where it would have become the most excellent obelisk ever made.

Philae Temple:

The divine storybook of Philea Temple was created between 380-360 BC in the Ptolemaic era to honor the grand sacrifice of the Isis, goddess of motherhood and healing. Across the giant walls of Philae temple is the epic tale of the wife of the underworld ruler Osiris and her son Horus.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 6: Kom Ombo Temple Tour - Sail to Luxor

Start sailing to Kom Ombo in the morning while having breakfast on the Dahabiya. After arriving in Kom Ombo, join your tour guide to visit:

Kom Ombo Temple:

The marvelous Kom Ombo Temple is divided into 2 temples with 2 entrances, 2 hypostyle Halls, and 2 sanctuaries, most majestically and uniquely, as it is known as the rarest architectural construction. It was built between 180 BC and 47 BC to honor the Haroeris, “Horus the Elder,” and Sobek, the crocodile god of the Nile.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 7: Luxor West Bank Tour

Continue your trip with your tour guide and enjoy a tour of Luxor West Bank, starting by:

Valley of the Kings:

The extraordinary Valley of the Kings is a World Heritage Site that showcases the beliefs and mindset of the most significant ancient civilization on earth. Found deep in the earth’s belly of the Theban necropolis hills are 63 magical royal tombs of the great Pharaohs of the new kingdom (1570–1050 BC), such as Ramses the Great, Hatshepsut, Seti I, Tutankhamen, and various others.

Hatshepsut Temple:

The mythical, graceful, and blessed mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut (1507–1458 BC) is a divine masterpiece of artistic architecture that became known as the holy of the holies. It was constructed in 1479 BC to become the most excellent model of classical architecture of the New Kingdom (1570–1050 BC), eternalizing her achievements and honoring mainly the creator sun gods Amun, Hathor, and Anubis.

Colossi of Memnon:

The illuminating Colossi of Memnon of Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1386 - 1349 BC) came to be in 1350 BC, but its quartzite sandstone structures were renovated throughout history. It displays decorations on its sides, showcasing his family, achievements, and the image of the Nile god Hapi.

Overnight On Dahabiya

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 8: Departure

Check out after breakfast and transfer anywhere in Luxor to end your experience through the heart of Egypt.

Meals: Breakfast

Price Policy

The price varies depending on the number of persons, including service fees and taxes.

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Additionally, there are cancellation fees on all domestic flights within Egypt. If you cancel a tour at any time, you will be subject to any fees according to the airline’s cancellation policy.


All our tours are private tours.

  • For private tours, they have a private tour guide and private air-conditioned cars, and you have the convenience of starting your tours.
  • As for group tours, our groups include a maximum of 12 participants only during visits in private air-conditioned cars with private guides.

Cruise accommodation

  • For basis 2 persons in Double Room ( Occupied by 2 Persons ) For basis 2/4/6/8/10.
  • For basis 3 persons in Triple Room (Occupied by 3 Persons).
  • For basis 5 Personnes will be Double Room & Triple Room For Basis 5/7/9.

Entrance fees to specific sites

Our Tours and excursions exclude entry to particular archaeological sites such as the Tomb of Tutankhamun and Ramses in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Things to bring with you

Here’s a list of what to pack for your trip to Egypt according to the specific activities and places you plan to visit. Enjoy your journey through Egypt’s rich history and vibrant culture!

Related FAQs

Our cancellation and refund policies vary depending on the type of tour package you have booked and the specific terms and conditions associated with it. Generally, we offer refunds on cancellations made within a certain timeframe prior to the departure date. However, please note that some tours may have non-refundable components such as flights, accommodation, or activities that may limit the refund amount. We always recommend reviewing the cancellation policy at the time of booking to understand the specific terms applicable to your tour.

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